Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Happy Days

Good morning!

I hope you had a fantastic Christmas filled with love and hope that is what this season should bring out!  Love is what God showed when He sent his precious son to this world for our behalf.  Hope is what Jesus brought us thru his resurrection!  What amazing gifts we already have.  This was the focus of our Christmas. 

We choose to buck the American tradition of overspending and pay for our Christmas with the money budgeted and planned ahead to spend.  I started looking for Christmas gifts in August and watching the wonderful blogs Money Saving Mom and Frugal Living NW for special deals.  That really helped. 

We had a nice quiet weekend at home, just the 4 of us spending time together and relaxing.  We didn't put any pressure on ourselves to go and do but rather to just be and enjoy. 

As I've been back to work the past couple days, I have tried to bring the weekends calm with me.  Problems have arose, like they invariably do but they are not causing a panic or anxiety like they normally do.  I have just been rolling with them and they are getting resolved.  Truck break downs, intense snow storms, road closures are just part of the business but in my being proactive about tracking the trucks that are in bad weather, I have been able to head off upset customers not getting their product on time by letting them know the problems before the truck just doesn't show up.  Much better way to go. 

That's my big success of the week.  Being proactive so I don't have to react to the situations.
I have a lot of goals for the new year but that is matter for another blog.  This proactive approach is something I want to get down to where it's 2nd nature before I try to tackle the rest of the list. 

How was your Christmas?  Did you make it thru without having to incur the financial hangover that comes in the mail in January?  I hope you did but if not, I encourage you to start today looking at the way you budget and plan for Christmas.  It comes every December so it shouldn't take us by surprise when we get there. 
By planning I was able to get my family far more and better gifts than I do by waiting til later to prepare.  If you don't follow any blogs about saving money and getting more out of what you spend, I highly encourage you to do so.  There are so many great one's out there that provide everything from the latest store deals/coupon match ups to how to stretch your money to save for your goals to basic budgeting.  If you need help finding one for your particular needs/wants, let me know and I will help point you in the right direction.

Coming soon, I will be blogging about a great book I'm reading called Blind Hope.  It's incredible so far.

I will also be sharing some of my goals and plans for the new year. 

Take it easy and be safe.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Well, I have reached the point where I have thought about giving up and just living my life the way I am but I know that isn't what I really want and it isn't God's plan for me either.  I need to redirect my thinking and attention.

I think my timing is ill advised but that's not stopping me because I know I can be successful.  I think because the eating plan is so restrictive, that I will wait until after Christmas to really commit to that aspect but there is nothing keeping me from becoming more active.  Yes, I know it's cold out but I have a gym membership that I am not taking full advantage of.  I also have a ton of video tapes I can work out to and a wii fit.  There are no more excuses.  Yes, I have a cold but working out improves the immune system so by that reasoning, I should get better faster as I work out, right? 

I am not saying that I am abandoning the eating aspect.  Not in the least!  I need discipline in that area.  If I don't look at my eating then I will end up taking full advantage of all the goodies available at this time of year.  That won't help my jeans fit better or help me breath easier. 

So, all that being said, I am administering grace into my life during this season. 

How are you showing grace in your life currently?

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Day 1 part 2

I did it!!!!

I made it thru day one pretty much completely on track.  I even ate out and ordered sensibly and left some behind.

I drank my water goal.  Hooray for me!

Tonight when I got home I went grocery shopping to get foods to help me stay on track and enjoying the process.

Maybe tomorrow I'll make it to the gym.  Here's hoping!

Day 1

Today is off to a good start I guess.  I am on track with eating so far.  I'm having a little bit of a struggle with my water intake.  I have only had about 8 of my 100 ounces.  That leaves a lot still to drink. 

I have a terrible headache and sinus pressure that is making my eyes hurt!  When I don't feel good all I want is comfort food...biscuits and gravy, mashed potatoes, etc.  Those foods don't work with my commitment to the one bite rule so they are off the list.  I am actually contemplating making mashed cauliflower to replace the potatoes.  That will give me an extra serving of veggies and hopefully satisfy the comfort food craving. 

If the pressure in my head will subside, I will try to get a workout in this afternoon.  Pilates or yoga maybe.  Or maybe just go down to the gym and get my sweat on.  Hmmm...

Well, I better get doing what I need to do. I'll try to update later with my progress.


Tuesday, November 30, 2010

New Old Challenge

Hi again.
I have many times how I need to focus on my weight and get healthy again.  I have talked and talked but haven't mastered any of it.
Tomorrow starts the change.  I am working with an old and dear friend to hold each other accountable for our eating and exercising and working out and drinking our water.  We have a 1 bite rule that is that accountability thing that I crave.  What the 1 bite rule is is a commitment that if we take 1 bite of any of the foods we have committed to not eat, we have to call the other and explain why and what we are going to differently.  Last time we did this, I have to admit that my pride got the best of me and I was not going to call my accountability person for that reason.  It worked for me.  I know pride is a sin but sometimes it serves a positive purpose.
My commitment is to work out 3times a week to start then move to 5 times weekly.  I will drink 100 oz of water daily.  I will take my vitamins.  I will keep a food journal and track my progress.  I am really excited to get started.
I know at Christmas time is not the most optimal time to get started but if I don't start now then when. I am going to be successful.
Please be praying for me as you think of this challenge.  Leave a comment if you're interested in joining in.
Have an amazing day.

Friday, November 26, 2010


Hi all, whoever may actually read this...

Today, on what is usually a day I enjoy and look forward to with the greatest pleasure, I am filled with frustration and iritation.

I am one of those rare people who detests crowds but really looks forward to Black Friday shopping. I will visit with people in the stores and in lines and have great fun with it. This year however, I decided I was going to pare back drastically and only hit 2 stores before going to work this morning.

I was only looking for 2 or 3 items so no biggie, right? Wrong. I wanted to get a USB digital camera for my oldest son for his Christmas stocking and store # 1 was out and store # 2 had the same camera in silver and purple but only the purple was price cut. What 18 year old male is going to want a PURPLE digital camcorder? Seriously?!?!?!?

By the time I got done in the electronics at both stores I was so disappointed and fearful of the amount of time I would spend in the checkout line (I still had to work today and be on time) that I forgot to look at bikes for my little man (Billy). He's been asking constantly for a bike and I thought this would be a great time to get him one. Drats!

Then I was going to order my gift from my husband off Amazon. It was going on sale at 9am so I had it pulled up on my computer just waiting for the sale price to pop up so I could order. It popped up and I clicked "order" and waited 2 minutes to have a screen pop up telling me I was on the waitlist. Then the sale closed. Bigger drats!!! It was for a Kindle e-reader for $100 off the retail price. Kindles don't regularly go on sale so I was pretty stoked! I guess a LOT of other people wanted it too or there were only a couple available.

Now I'm just hoping that I will have better luck getting Chris's Christmas gift for a decent price. I don't want to spend a lot for Christmas, thus the sale shopping but I am afraid I might end up spending a bit more than I had anticipated in order to get everyone at least 1 thing on their list.

I refuse to go into debt for Christmas. I am also keeping the Hawaii trip money off limits.

I am super blessed that my family isn't obsessed with the gift but more appreciative of the thought and effort put into it.

I hope your Black Friday shopping experience was much better than mine.

Have an amazing day and remember the real reason for the season...Jesus Christ! Now that was the best gift of all!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Christmas Cards

For those of you who know me, I love to show off pictures of my family and I can't think of a better way than with photo Christmas cards.  My favorite company to use for them is Shutterfly.

Why you ask?  Because contrary to my initial thought, they do have a variety of CHRISTMAS cards rather than the generic Happy Holidays.  Don't get me wrong, if you want to be all encompassing, go for it.  The reason I celebrate the season is Jesus Christ. 

Shutterfly is easy to use and download your pictures to.  If you're like me and I'm pretty sure you are, time is a premium and you don't want to spend a ton of time but you want it to look good. I can tell you that Shutterfly is the perfect company to save your time and energies.  I have used them to make photo books and was so pleased with the results that when I got the offer to blog about them in exchange for free cards, I couldn't pass it up! 

Check out these cute designs.  I recommend going to their site as embedding them really doesn't do them justice and I can tell you that they are a great quality. 


You'll notice all of these have places for multiple pictures.  As I said, I love to show off my family!  If you only want one or two pictures, they've got those too.  They also have Hanukkah cards and generic cards as well.  If you follow the link above you will see a bunch of Christmas cards, which makes me happy as I was concerned over the limited CHRISTMAS cards I was seeing. 

You can also pick up your prints at  Walgreen's, Target or CVS. 

If you're sending cards this year, I can't recommend Shutterfly photo cards enough.  While you're there, check out their cool photo gifts.  I give a lot of photobooks and calendars and they are always a big hit with grandparents and others that don't get to see my family often.

Let me know what you think and which card is your favorite!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Well, we hit the gym again tonight and I am already feeling it.  I worked on the bike at a higher level than I ever have.  Oh my goodness, my legs are feeling it.  I can't tell you how mush like they feel.  After the bike I did hip abduction/hip adduction exercises and then 10 lb hand weights instead of the 8 lbs I had used last time.

I am doing a recovery day tomorrow and then will have to go a little late on Thursday as it is my day with Grandma.

I have my goal and I am determined to reach it.  It will take a while and I may suffer setbacks but I will get back up and keep moving.

Well, that's all I have for tonight.

Sweet dreams.


Hi there.

I am on an adventure.  It is a doozy.  In addition to my steps towards starting an online travel agency and getting to where I look decent in a bathing suit for our trip to Hawaii, I am starting a mass purge from my house. 

I have a trunk load of things to drop at the Salvation Army and a pile of boxes by the front door to go into my trunk as soon as it's empty.  I have boxes of fabric that need to go to the church for the sewing team.  I have a box of books for the library at Billy's school.  I have boxes of clothes that I need to get out of the house but I can't pull them out until I have an empty truck to take them out of the house.  So much to do.  My goal in doing this is that I will have less to deal with and less to move when we eventually move.  I keep saying I want to move to the Gresham area but the idea of packing all our stuff stifles my enthusiasm. 

I have tons of crafts that I have bought but not completed.  I have oodles and oodles of sewing projects that need to be done.  And painting projects.  And who could forget all the scrapbooks I want to make.  Oh geesh!  My head spins as I think of it. 

To stop the head spinning and procrastination, I am simply going to take one project at a time and get it done.  If I finish one in the course of a week, maybe I can finish 2 or even 3.  Once these projects are done, I will have a ton of gifts to give and will be so very happy.  I love giving gifts to my friends and I think specially about them when I am putting the gift together, praying for them, remembering fun times we have had, thinking about how they will use whatever it is that I am making.

Boy, just thinking about all that makes me smile and motivates me, until I see the mess that is.  But I will wade thru the mess and accomplish good things.  I am determined that I will reclaim my house and make beautiful things from what we have.  I don't believe I will have to buy more than a couple gifts this year which makes me happy. I can use what we have to make so many fun and wonderful things.

The beautiful thing about making gifts using the supplies I already have at home is that I can get rid of things in the process because the gifts leave once I'm done.  Yeah!

Purging is so cleansing and healthy.  I really wish I did more of it, or didn't accumulate so much stuff to begin with. 

Oh well, life is good and it will be even better when I have less to deal with. 

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, November 15, 2010


I had forgotten how much I really enjoy working out.  Chris and I made it back to the gym yesterday and it was wonderful, even though I am feeling it this morning. 

I got on the treadmill and my knee started to act up but I was still able to run sprints.  I am hoping to do more today.  I did weights and the bike too and had enough energy to get stuff done around the house!  Ah, how I have missed the increased energy I get when I work out. 

My goal is to work out at the gym in the morning before work but since I have to get Billy up and ready and to school by 7:30, I don't see that as very feasible.  Maybe I'll just aim to do video's in the morning and then go to the gym 3 or 4 nights a week to do a wider range of activities. 

How do you work out the time to do everything you want? 

I have very specific goals.  Chris and I are going to Hawaii in May to celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary and I want to look good in all our pictures. I know that sounds vein and I won't disagree.  I want to look good.  I want to turn my husbands head and have him brag on me...of course last time that happened, I got Billy.  LOL! I have boxes of smaller clothes just waiting patiently for me to be able to wear them.  I would love to get rid of the ones currently hanging in my closet and pull out all those boxes that are stored away. 

Well, that's what's currently on my mind.  Hope you enjoy reading and laughing with me at my silliness.

Have a great Monday.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


God has been so good to me.  He has provided great opportunities for me and I know that they are directed by His hand and not my own so I have to ask, why do I hold back?  What am I afraid of?  If God is leading me then He is going to be with me and if He's with me then that's where I want to be.  Right?  Makes sense enough. 

I think I must be going thru an irrational phase as I have suddenly developed claustrophobia as I found out yesterday trying to do a brain MRI.  This is the same type of irrational thinking to me as not being able to go into the tube. 

Please pray with me that I would get confirmation that this is the path He does indeed want me on so I can move forward.  I am super excited about it but terrified at the same time.

Thank you in advance for your prayers.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

This moment

Today's ponderings are about living in the moment.  I have a really deeply ingrained habit of thinking about the next thing.  You know the way some people never seem completely there when you're with them?  That's how I feel and I know I miss so much.

There is so much peace in this moment.  The now.  At this particular moment I have work piled up under my arms but as I type this thought, I am so content and not in a hurry to rush off to the next thing, like cleaning up the piles on my desk.  They will be there in 5 minutes.  Who knows, by the time I get done with this post, the phone could ring 10 times or not at all.  Either way, I am here and I am happy.

I ponder how many great moments I may have missed or prevented someone else from experiencing all because I was in a colossal rush to get to the next thing.  It makes me a little sad.  How many times could I have slowed down to show someone how valuable they are to me by giving them my full attention?  How many smiles could I have shared with my children if I wouldn't have been in such a rush to get them here or there. 

Today I am going to slow down and not rush.  My priority is people and relationships.  Yes work needs to get done and it will.  Yes laundry needs folded and dishes need to be done and they will be done.  But none of this is going to be done at the cost of those I value. 

Am I the only one who struggles with this?  It seems that the vast majority of my friends are great at doing the balancing act.  The run the kids to all their lessons and activities and volunteer and help the kiddos with their homework and have dates with their husbands and always look great and are most always on time and arrive with a smile on their face.  Do they struggle with the rush?  Do they shortcut relationships along the way?

This moment I am going to just breath and say a prayer of thanks that I have this moment and that it is good.

Have a wonderful day!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Following directions part 2

No shopping for a season sounded pretty incredulous and overwhelming to me so I asked God for more direction.  All shopping, some shopping, or what.  I have completely refrained from going to WalMart, Target, Dollar Tree.  I have gone to Safeway and Fred Meyers for groceries only.  I haven't gone to 7-11 for the occassional soda run that was so prominent before this experiment. 
After more examination, I feel what God wanted me to do was focus on what I shop for and being a good steward of what I have, both money and stuff.  Do I need soda?  No water works just fine.  Do I need food for my family, absolutely.  Do my kids need the tons of stuff I have found that's a "great deal"?  No.  Do they need my time and attention and playfulness? Absolutely. 
I feel that this challenge is supposed to expand to eating out and fast food too but I'm not sure so I'm praying about that part.  I feel like I've cheated a little by letting Chris know what I want because I don't want to go spend the money on it.  Today I posted on Facebook that I wanted a latte and a little while later I got a phone call from my love who was outside with a latte for me.  It feels different if he pays for it instead of me, even though it all comes from the same bank account.  Is that a little weird?
Well that's about it for me for now. 
Hope you have a great day!

Friday, October 8, 2010


Yesterday I shared what I felt God was saying to me about giving up shopping for 40 days.  Yes, I still feel I heard the voice of God.  That being said, I did end up shopping.  You see, the schools book fair was this week and on day 1 and 2 Billy wasn't allowed to go because of a behavior issue.  Day 3 we went but negative behavior reared its ugly head once again so we left.  Yesterday was the last school day of our week and he was an absolute angel as he asked.  He explained that he knew exactly which book he wanted and where it was.  We walked directly in and got the 1 item that he requested and paid and left.  Thus concludes my shopping for the day.

The major test had come earlier in the day when I saw an amazing deal posted for something that we would be buying for Billy for Christmas.  This deal would be a huge cost savings. I ended up emailing it to Chris with lots of whiny questions like, would God really want us to not save this much since we're buying those types of things anyways.  Billy had a leapster (portable learning video game system) and one of the blogs was sharing how to get the $25 games for only $5 each with $5 shipping (for the total order) and get cash back on the deal too.  Tell me you wouldn't be tempted to buy the limit of 5 thus paying only $30 and getting cash back out of it and having that part much of your Christmas shopping done.  I mean the day before I had picked up a Christmas present for Jake ($70 item for $15 shipped).  Isn't this what being a good steward and Advent Conspiracy are about?  Or maybe it's about not spending the money at all and doing with less.  Lord knows none of us need more things but it's nice to be able to bless our families with those little extras when we can.

Praying over my attitude and for contentment and for a giving spirit.  In spite of not shopping I still have plenty to share with others and much to bless with.

Well I'm off to Women of Faith.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Following directions

Last night at church our pastor shared with us that it is a season to fast and pray.  He shared that he was told to fast from football for the next 40 days.  He invited us to join him and to pray for what God wants us to abstain from during this time.  Always up for a challenge, I jumped at the opportunity.  Then I stutter stepped and then whined and stomped my feet and threw a fit!  Does this mean I'm not going to be obedient?  I'm not going to lie, it's going to be tough.

I very clearly heard God's instruction but since it wasn't what I wanted to hear, I rationalized that God couldn't have said that.  He loves me too much to take that away from me.  Again the voice persisted.  "Let go of it." it whispered in my ear.  "But God, that doesn't make sense to me."  I argued.  "Trust." the voice said.  "But..." I am very good at arguing and debating but with God, it's a tad different.  I relent faster most of the time.  Knowing He's already got all the answers and knows the end result, it seems silly to persist. 

Now the hard part...telling my husband (who is going to rejoice) what I heard God say.  Dang it.  Wishing this could stay between God and me but who would hold me accountable and check in with me if that happened.  Somehow it's easier to do what I'm told if other people know and hold me accountable.  Drats!!! 

"So, did God tell you something specific to give up for now?"  I asked.  He told me what he'd heard from God.  (I'm now very jealous...he got an easy one!)  "What about you?" he asked.  "Shopping." I muttered.  His and Jake's jaws almost hit the floor.  "You know this means that when I find those fabulous deals, you will have to go get them, right?"  I state.  They both laughed.  "I don't think that's what God meant." Chris said as gently and encouragingly as he could thru his fits of laughter.  Panic starts rising as I picture our grocery budget start going up.  "You'll need to follow my deal scenarios and use coupons when you grocery shop, you know.  I can't imagine God would want us to spend more and get less." I tell him.  "I don't see that happening."  Ugh! 

Praises in this...I had just ordered a Christmas gift for Jake that morning and had ordered my make up that afternoon. 

Bummer...I found a deal scenario that I could get a couple Christmas gifts for free this week but hadn't gotten out to do it.  I guess I will have to pass on that. 

Later, I am doing some stuff online and Jake says, "Mom, isn't that considered shopping and therefore you're cheating?"  Hmm....if I'm making money but not spending it, even if I am thinking about how I will spend it once I can, does that count? 

Well, now you're in the loop on where God's taking me.  Pray for me...and my family.  I will keep you updated what God does during this time and my successes and failures.  My heart is to follow His direction and go where He leads.  I know it was His voice I heard based on the struggle in my heart.  I still have a couple questions for him such as does it include grocery shopping?  What about my grocery budget?  Is it still shopping if I don't spend money?

What are your thoughts?

Friday, September 3, 2010

Happy day!

Today has been full of good news.  

I got a new to me car.  It is cute and sporty and paid for...all of my favorite qualities.  I can hardly wait to take it on a road trip.  We went back and forth over what to get.  With camping and going places with friends or the fam plus big dog, a big car would be practical but then again with the amount of driving I do gas mileage is very important.

When I went to the chiropractor he gave me a list of activities I can do at the gym or home now.  Woo hoo!!! It is all going to be dictated by my stamina, which has been almost non existent since the accident.  I am absolutely thrilled.  I can't do all that I would like to but lower body workout is better than nothing.  I can't do any lifting yet, no weights for arms or shoulders.  Drats but I am looking at the bigger picture!

Yesterday I could barely keep my head up at 9pm and here it is 11:15 and I have done the dishes and played with the dog and bought the car and walked thru Blockbuster to get movies, all after working a full day and I am still awake and functional...well I suppose I should let you be the judge of that since you are reading and if I'm not making sense then I'm not that functional.  

Well I am writing this my wonderful Jake was putting something in the fridge and found something that had been in there too long.  I told him to throw it away and he sarcastically told me no because he was going to eat it.  His loving dad chimed in with "dare you".  Jake said "Pay me" to which his dad replied "I'll pay the medical bills".  Whatever it was is now in the trash.  I love their interactions some days.  It makes me happy!

I hope you have lots of little things come your way today that make you happy too!


I love fall!  There is always a sense of anticipation as school starts back up and the holidays start approaching.  The leaves change and everything is so vibrant.  The air is crisp and you can sense the changes coming. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!

This fall I not only have the change of fall to celebrate but changes in my life.  God has been prodding and I am listening and more importantly moving with Him. 

New things are coming.  I will soon have a new website for the travel company I am starting and will also be selling my jewelry online (ebay maybe).  I am so excited.  I love travel and the idea of helping people make their dream vacations come true just makes me giddy! 

I want more flexibility in my life to be more available to my family.  Many of you know the health issues my grandmother has been thru and that we just moved her back to Portland a few months ago.  She needs help and would love more company and I would love to visit with her much more than I have been able to.  I want to be able to help maintain her beach house until they are able to sell it for what they want out of it. 

I am excited to see what happens.  For now I will be working full time here while I get started but once things are up and running I should be able to work from home full time.  I would appreciate your prayers, suggestions and support as I get started. 

What's changing in your world?

Thursday, July 15, 2010


I am sitting here wondering what happens to all my time.  I have lists of things I need to accomplish and a timeline to do them in but when push comes to shove, my lists remain only half done. 
Let me give you an example. Monday I had the day off so I had this beautiful plan of getting some housework done then playing with my children for the majority of the day.  Instead of following this plan, I did the dishes and laundry (and more laundry) and then cleaned my room.  I had these boxes that were blocking my closet as well as laundry baskets and winter blankets.  I had very limited access to the closet (and gasp, my shoes!) so I was just piling my clothes on top of the piles that we blocking my access thus making the problem worse.  Something needed to be done!  I started with the laundry baskets...who knew there were 3 loads of laundry in them that needed folding?  Ugh!  I piled all the laundry that needed to go in the closet on my bed and worked on emptying the boxes.  2 garbage bags later, I was able to access my closet so I put the laundry away.  I stopped and made lunch and played with my littlest for a bit then sent him to play some more in his room while I continued.  I found more that needed my attention so did that.  Before I knew it I had spent 5 hours cleaning my bedroom.  Walking in my house, you wouldn't know that I had spent almost the equivalent of my workday cleaning!  I hate that feeling!  We never made it out of the house, unless you count taking all the trash and recycling from my room to the cans outside as "getting out". 
I have great plans of spending time making memories with my guys and growing friendships and spending time with my grandmother before I don't have that option any more and doing crafts and reading and keeping my house looking amazing so I can entertain at the drop of a hat (so NOT how it really looks).  I feel like I am missing the mark in every category. 
How do I gain control of the clock and manage it in a way that works with my family and leaves me feeling good about how I spend my time and energy instead of always so guilty for not doing enough or spending enough time with those around me? 
Look for more on this subject as I start to figure it out.  Leave comments to let me know how you do it. I'd love feedback and ideas.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Facing Disappointment

Well, I went to the doctor and although he can't figure out how I managed to damage so many muscles and tendons, the knee itself is alright so I just have to take it very easy and don't do high impact work outs.  I get to swim and bike and do upper body weights.
This makes me all the more certain that I have to restart my food journal and really focus on what I am putting into my body.
Since it doesn't look like I am going to be able to do the 5k any time soon, I have to readjust and plan accordingly.  I can swim and bike.  I can still get on track to ride to work.
We'll have to see what tomorrow holds.
Will you help keep me encouraged?  Can I encourage you?

Monday, July 5, 2010


Well, I went to the gym this morning to get some run time on the treadmill but 5 minutes in I had such excruciating pain radiating thru my right calf and knee I had to stop to stretch then resume but the pain wouldn't ebb.  I noticed my muscles are developing in a way that pulls on the knee.  Time to change plans.  Off the treadmill and onto weights.  Today was a legs day but without putting too much strain on the knee.  Hip abduction and induction, leg press, leg curls.  After doing my rounds on the Nautilus machines, it was time to hit the bike to get some more cardio in.  I could only do 3.25 miles on the bike because unfortunately the club childcare was closing so I needed to get the munch-kin and head out.

I think it's time to set an appt with my orthopedist to get a plan in place to get the muscles going where they need to go.  Ugh!  I wonder what she'll say.  Please let it not to get the orthotics that cost several hundred dollars and are not covered by insurance.  Well, whatever the case, I am not going to be sidelined by injuries.  That has happened so many times to me in the past that I am done...just done with letting things stop me from accomplishing my goals.

Any advise or suggestions?

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Fourth of July

I am amazed by the emotions that came up during the singing of God Bless America at church last night.  Tears filled my eyes.  Our military don't get the respect they deserve for what they do.  Their job is thankless and takes them away from family and friends for long periods of time.  They risk their lives on a regular basis for people they don't know.
I am not saying the wars they are sent to are right or wrong but they have a job to do and they do it selflessly.
I encourage you to go to anysoldier.com to get an address of a soldier serving overseas in Iraq and Afganastan.  Please go and get an address to send them a letter to encourage them.  Let them know that someone back in the states cares for them and appreciates what they do to keep us safe at home.
Have a wonderful Independence Day with your family and friends.  Enjoy your picnics and fireworks.  I know I'm going to!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Holiday weekend

This morning driving to work I was listening to the radio and they had a military officer on talking about what Independence Day means to him.  He was deployed to Afganastan a month before 9-11 and just got home last Sept.  That's 9 years away from home.  His wife was pregnant with their first child when he left.  He talked about how much he believes in what he does and when he got home he received a standing ovation from the people in the airport.  And the part that made me tear up..."It's all worth it when a child I've never met says "Thank you for what you do for me".  

What does Independence Day mean to you?  Is it a time to have fun with friends and not have to go to work?  Is it filled with tradition and food?  What does your holiday look like?

As I heard this mornings story on the radio I had to ask myself when was the last time I thanked a soldier for their service and the choices they made that brought them to that place.  It is their sacrifices and choices that allow us to celebrate Independence Day. 

This fourth of July, I will be saying extra prayers for our soldiers and will be saying the pledge of allegience more as well.  When was the last time you said it?  My 5 year old said it every time he saw a flag for months.  It was a great reminder of what we are supposed to be.  Granted every McDonald's you pass has a flag and if you have a lot of fast food restaurants in your route it could get a smidge old but it was such a great reminder.  And I love that he always ended with "And God bless our country". 

May you have a fun and safe fourth.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Hi. Welcome to my world.

My name is Joyce.  I am a wife, mom, employee, friend, volunteer, photographer, just to name a few of the hats I wear.

I am making some changes to my world and look forward to sharing them with you.  Currently I am working to get fit and healthy. I have been overweight for the better part of 20 years and suddenly have a desire to be healthy and take up running and biking.  Strange?  Yes, I think so too.  But that's where I am.  My goal isn't a pant size or a number on the scale.  It is simply to be able to commute to work by bike within the next month and to run a 10k by the end of fall. I hope you will join me as I go down this road.

As you may take from the title, I am a bit of a princess. I am the sole female resident in my home.  I have my husband whom I adore and 2 amazing sons.  I love my family dearly and love watching my boys grow and change and am looking forward to seeing the men they become.  I am also daughter of the Most High King thru the redemptive work of Jesus Christ.  So as you can see, I really am a princess.  I even have a tiara.

I will be adding lots of ideas and training schedule and menu plans and ways to save the most money you can for the life you want to live.  I am a coupon gal and love it. I am able to buy so much more for my family than I could before.  Who wants to pay $4 for a box of cereal?  Wouldn't you rather get it for $.75?  I sure would and I do.

I hope as you follow along on my journey I can encourage you along the way and we can both take something from this experience.

Well, it's past my bed time so I better wrap it up.  Sweet dreams and take care.