Monday, July 5, 2010


Well, I went to the gym this morning to get some run time on the treadmill but 5 minutes in I had such excruciating pain radiating thru my right calf and knee I had to stop to stretch then resume but the pain wouldn't ebb.  I noticed my muscles are developing in a way that pulls on the knee.  Time to change plans.  Off the treadmill and onto weights.  Today was a legs day but without putting too much strain on the knee.  Hip abduction and induction, leg press, leg curls.  After doing my rounds on the Nautilus machines, it was time to hit the bike to get some more cardio in.  I could only do 3.25 miles on the bike because unfortunately the club childcare was closing so I needed to get the munch-kin and head out.

I think it's time to set an appt with my orthopedist to get a plan in place to get the muscles going where they need to go.  Ugh!  I wonder what she'll say.  Please let it not to get the orthotics that cost several hundred dollars and are not covered by insurance.  Well, whatever the case, I am not going to be sidelined by injuries.  That has happened so many times to me in the past that I am done...just done with letting things stop me from accomplishing my goals.

Any advise or suggestions?

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