Friday, September 3, 2010

Happy day!

Today has been full of good news.  

I got a new to me car.  It is cute and sporty and paid for...all of my favorite qualities.  I can hardly wait to take it on a road trip.  We went back and forth over what to get.  With camping and going places with friends or the fam plus big dog, a big car would be practical but then again with the amount of driving I do gas mileage is very important.

When I went to the chiropractor he gave me a list of activities I can do at the gym or home now.  Woo hoo!!! It is all going to be dictated by my stamina, which has been almost non existent since the accident.  I am absolutely thrilled.  I can't do all that I would like to but lower body workout is better than nothing.  I can't do any lifting yet, no weights for arms or shoulders.  Drats but I am looking at the bigger picture!

Yesterday I could barely keep my head up at 9pm and here it is 11:15 and I have done the dishes and played with the dog and bought the car and walked thru Blockbuster to get movies, all after working a full day and I am still awake and functional...well I suppose I should let you be the judge of that since you are reading and if I'm not making sense then I'm not that functional.  

Well I am writing this my wonderful Jake was putting something in the fridge and found something that had been in there too long.  I told him to throw it away and he sarcastically told me no because he was going to eat it.  His loving dad chimed in with "dare you".  Jake said "Pay me" to which his dad replied "I'll pay the medical bills".  Whatever it was is now in the trash.  I love their interactions some days.  It makes me happy!

I hope you have lots of little things come your way today that make you happy too!

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