Thursday, July 15, 2010


I am sitting here wondering what happens to all my time.  I have lists of things I need to accomplish and a timeline to do them in but when push comes to shove, my lists remain only half done. 
Let me give you an example. Monday I had the day off so I had this beautiful plan of getting some housework done then playing with my children for the majority of the day.  Instead of following this plan, I did the dishes and laundry (and more laundry) and then cleaned my room.  I had these boxes that were blocking my closet as well as laundry baskets and winter blankets.  I had very limited access to the closet (and gasp, my shoes!) so I was just piling my clothes on top of the piles that we blocking my access thus making the problem worse.  Something needed to be done!  I started with the laundry baskets...who knew there were 3 loads of laundry in them that needed folding?  Ugh!  I piled all the laundry that needed to go in the closet on my bed and worked on emptying the boxes.  2 garbage bags later, I was able to access my closet so I put the laundry away.  I stopped and made lunch and played with my littlest for a bit then sent him to play some more in his room while I continued.  I found more that needed my attention so did that.  Before I knew it I had spent 5 hours cleaning my bedroom.  Walking in my house, you wouldn't know that I had spent almost the equivalent of my workday cleaning!  I hate that feeling!  We never made it out of the house, unless you count taking all the trash and recycling from my room to the cans outside as "getting out". 
I have great plans of spending time making memories with my guys and growing friendships and spending time with my grandmother before I don't have that option any more and doing crafts and reading and keeping my house looking amazing so I can entertain at the drop of a hat (so NOT how it really looks).  I feel like I am missing the mark in every category. 
How do I gain control of the clock and manage it in a way that works with my family and leaves me feeling good about how I spend my time and energy instead of always so guilty for not doing enough or spending enough time with those around me? 
Look for more on this subject as I start to figure it out.  Leave comments to let me know how you do it. I'd love feedback and ideas.

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