Tuesday, November 30, 2010

New Old Challenge

Hi again.
I have many times how I need to focus on my weight and get healthy again.  I have talked and talked but haven't mastered any of it.
Tomorrow starts the change.  I am working with an old and dear friend to hold each other accountable for our eating and exercising and working out and drinking our water.  We have a 1 bite rule that is that accountability thing that I crave.  What the 1 bite rule is is a commitment that if we take 1 bite of any of the foods we have committed to not eat, we have to call the other and explain why and what we are going to differently.  Last time we did this, I have to admit that my pride got the best of me and I was not going to call my accountability person for that reason.  It worked for me.  I know pride is a sin but sometimes it serves a positive purpose.
My commitment is to work out 3times a week to start then move to 5 times weekly.  I will drink 100 oz of water daily.  I will take my vitamins.  I will keep a food journal and track my progress.  I am really excited to get started.
I know at Christmas time is not the most optimal time to get started but if I don't start now then when. I am going to be successful.
Please be praying for me as you think of this challenge.  Leave a comment if you're interested in joining in.
Have an amazing day.

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