Friday, October 8, 2010


Yesterday I shared what I felt God was saying to me about giving up shopping for 40 days.  Yes, I still feel I heard the voice of God.  That being said, I did end up shopping.  You see, the schools book fair was this week and on day 1 and 2 Billy wasn't allowed to go because of a behavior issue.  Day 3 we went but negative behavior reared its ugly head once again so we left.  Yesterday was the last school day of our week and he was an absolute angel as he asked.  He explained that he knew exactly which book he wanted and where it was.  We walked directly in and got the 1 item that he requested and paid and left.  Thus concludes my shopping for the day.

The major test had come earlier in the day when I saw an amazing deal posted for something that we would be buying for Billy for Christmas.  This deal would be a huge cost savings. I ended up emailing it to Chris with lots of whiny questions like, would God really want us to not save this much since we're buying those types of things anyways.  Billy had a leapster (portable learning video game system) and one of the blogs was sharing how to get the $25 games for only $5 each with $5 shipping (for the total order) and get cash back on the deal too.  Tell me you wouldn't be tempted to buy the limit of 5 thus paying only $30 and getting cash back out of it and having that part much of your Christmas shopping done.  I mean the day before I had picked up a Christmas present for Jake ($70 item for $15 shipped).  Isn't this what being a good steward and Advent Conspiracy are about?  Or maybe it's about not spending the money at all and doing with less.  Lord knows none of us need more things but it's nice to be able to bless our families with those little extras when we can.

Praying over my attitude and for contentment and for a giving spirit.  In spite of not shopping I still have plenty to share with others and much to bless with.

Well I'm off to Women of Faith.

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