Tuesday, May 31, 2011

June Goals

3in30 I'm In!!

I am so excited to get back on track with setting my goals and hitting them.

I have had so much going on and  I can't tell you how much I want to get things done.

So, without further ado, here are my goals.

First, I haven't spent much time in the word getting filled so I can be the best God wants me to be.  I am going to get into the word daily.  I am not committing to read a book a day or anything like that, some days I might only be able to read a couple verses and others I might be able to read chapters.

Second, I am eager to build my travel business so I will finish my training the first week and then work the rest of the month to get more training and get quotes out to as many people as possible so I can book three new customers over the course of the month.

Third, I have packed on so much excess weight.  It is not fun and prevents me from doing so much that I would like to do.  My goal as it pertains to that is that I will work out 4 days/wkly at the gym for at least 45 minutes each time.  In addition I am going to keep my food journal up to date no matter how good or bad I do on any given day.  On the days when I am not working out at the gym, I want to be outside and active, hiking or biking or playing at the park with my little one.

That is what I want to do in June.

What are your June goals?

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Things to do with the kids this summer

Hi guys.
I promised some links for summer fun with the kiddos.

The first and the one I am most excited about is 2 games bowling daily now thru August 31st.  I am all for good old fashioned fun!  Children under 15 are free.  You can add up to 4 people over 15 for only $25.  Shoe rentals are not included.  http://www.kidsbowlfree.com is the sight.  It asks for the email of the person who referred you, so please list mine, joyceatong@gmail.com.

Next is the reading programs.  I love incentives for reading.  Free books and various prizes abound.

Check out the Barnes and Noble program here.  If you have creative kids, I see they have a "create your own book" activity too.  I might have to check that out for my little guy.  It looks like there might be a charge involved for the creating your own book portion but you end up with a hard back or soft back book when it's completed.

And Borders http://www.borders.com/online/store/MediaView_double-dog-dare

And Scholastic is completely online  http://www.scholastic.com/summer/

And the Book it program thru Pizza Hut http://www.bookitprogram.com/

It looks like Regal is charging $1 for each of their showings instead of free like in the past but it's still a pretty great deal. http://www.regmovies.com/summermovieexpress/default.aspx

Lowes and Home Depot both have weekend kids build projects.  They are fun and free.


Free swim lessons thru portland parks and rec. http://www.portlandonline.com/parks/index.cfm?a=345519&c=38284  A few years back Portland Parks had free times for each of their outdoor pools.  We were able to swim just about every day of the week.  The pools are crowded but still enjoyable.

Do you have summer fun that I haven't included?  If so, please add a comment so we can all benefit.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Enthusiasm and perkiness are two traits I have frequently been told I have in abundance. Many people say it like it's a bad thing. I know that I can be over the top exuberant at times. It helps in situations where you need something you don't have. I have found that when I don't feel up to a challenge I can express enthusiasm towards it and suddenly I don't feel as intimidated or small.
I am the eternal cheerleader. Some people avoid me because of this. Granted I can even annoy myself with an overoptimistic outlook but I think it is so much better than being mopey and feeling helpless and powerless to change circumstances. Sometimes people just need to know that someone else believes in them and knows they can accomplish what they set out to do, even when it is super hard.
I need to do that for myself this week so if you see me being more enthusiastic and cheerful than normal, know that I pushing myself to do more than think I can and am psyching myself up to accomplish goals and dreams or tackle overdue projects. If you could do me a favor and remind me that I CAN accomplish "it", I would greatly appreciate it.
Hope you have a great day. Know I'm cheering for you!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Hiccups in my plans

Well, this past week has gone by so fast and not much like I anticipated.


I did make it to the gym 4 days this week.  I ran a mile in 12.5 minutes on my last workout.  It was awesome!

I had a great date with my love celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary.

I cleaned house before we left for our trip so I didn't have a mess to deal with when I got home.

Not so great parts:

I didn't keep my food journal.

I have yet to download my cameras so I can post some of them on here.

I have yet to finish my travel agency training but plan to this week so I can start making something of it.

Things I'm doing this week:

Finishing my travel agency training.

Updating my blog at least once this week.

Going to the gym 4 times this week.

Score from free salad from Safeway.

Send out my resume to 4 or 5 companies.

Keep my food journal every day.

Well that's what I'm up to.   Hope you're having a great week and accomplishing all your goals.

Monday, May 16, 2011


Wow today has been long!  I have spent the last couple hours doing travel agent training and still have about 5 more hours to go but I am getting it done. 
My goal is to do 1 or 2 sessions a night for the rest of the week then move forward with promoting the agency and booking trips for people.

One of the things that has prevented me from completing this training is that my laptop has been suffering a slow death.  I think today might actually have killed it.  Luckily for me, my love has decided to share his laptop temporarily with me so  I can move forward and maybe start making at least enough money to cover what it is costing me. 

Well, that is my progress story for the day.

Hope you've got a good one too!

Disappearing Act

Wow!!! Have you every blinked then realized a great spam of time has passed? That's kind of how I feel about my blog. How could it be almost 2 months since I have been here?

Well, the important thing is that I am back and plan in being here much more consistently.

Billy started soccer this spring and that has really thrown a wrench in our routine. Practice on Thursday's and games on Tuesday's and Saturday's has been crazy. Luckily my volunteer opportunity on Wednesday's has changed so I don't have as much of a time stressor there.

It seems like everyone in my house has had the crud forever. Billy has been tested for asthma, celiac disease and diabetes. Chris had his knee surgery and is still recovering from that. And allergies have hit our house hard. I am still trying to chute out why I haven't bought stock in Kleenex yet. Or in Allegra or Sudafed or Benadryl. We will get thru this though.

I have turned my focus back to my health and fitness. I made it to the gym 5 days last week and have a date with my man to workout together tonight. I have removed several things from my diet only to discover that they could be a root source of some of my digestive problems over the years. It has been a very interesting process of growth and learning.

Thus week will have lots of challenges and excitement so I am looking forward to being on here sharing with you guys!

Talk to you soon.