Friday, November 26, 2010


Hi all, whoever may actually read this...

Today, on what is usually a day I enjoy and look forward to with the greatest pleasure, I am filled with frustration and iritation.

I am one of those rare people who detests crowds but really looks forward to Black Friday shopping. I will visit with people in the stores and in lines and have great fun with it. This year however, I decided I was going to pare back drastically and only hit 2 stores before going to work this morning.

I was only looking for 2 or 3 items so no biggie, right? Wrong. I wanted to get a USB digital camera for my oldest son for his Christmas stocking and store # 1 was out and store # 2 had the same camera in silver and purple but only the purple was price cut. What 18 year old male is going to want a PURPLE digital camcorder? Seriously?!?!?!?

By the time I got done in the electronics at both stores I was so disappointed and fearful of the amount of time I would spend in the checkout line (I still had to work today and be on time) that I forgot to look at bikes for my little man (Billy). He's been asking constantly for a bike and I thought this would be a great time to get him one. Drats!

Then I was going to order my gift from my husband off Amazon. It was going on sale at 9am so I had it pulled up on my computer just waiting for the sale price to pop up so I could order. It popped up and I clicked "order" and waited 2 minutes to have a screen pop up telling me I was on the waitlist. Then the sale closed. Bigger drats!!! It was for a Kindle e-reader for $100 off the retail price. Kindles don't regularly go on sale so I was pretty stoked! I guess a LOT of other people wanted it too or there were only a couple available.

Now I'm just hoping that I will have better luck getting Chris's Christmas gift for a decent price. I don't want to spend a lot for Christmas, thus the sale shopping but I am afraid I might end up spending a bit more than I had anticipated in order to get everyone at least 1 thing on their list.

I refuse to go into debt for Christmas. I am also keeping the Hawaii trip money off limits.

I am super blessed that my family isn't obsessed with the gift but more appreciative of the thought and effort put into it.

I hope your Black Friday shopping experience was much better than mine.

Have an amazing day and remember the real reason for the season...Jesus Christ! Now that was the best gift of all!

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