Monday, November 15, 2010


I had forgotten how much I really enjoy working out.  Chris and I made it back to the gym yesterday and it was wonderful, even though I am feeling it this morning. 

I got on the treadmill and my knee started to act up but I was still able to run sprints.  I am hoping to do more today.  I did weights and the bike too and had enough energy to get stuff done around the house!  Ah, how I have missed the increased energy I get when I work out. 

My goal is to work out at the gym in the morning before work but since I have to get Billy up and ready and to school by 7:30, I don't see that as very feasible.  Maybe I'll just aim to do video's in the morning and then go to the gym 3 or 4 nights a week to do a wider range of activities. 

How do you work out the time to do everything you want? 

I have very specific goals.  Chris and I are going to Hawaii in May to celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary and I want to look good in all our pictures. I know that sounds vein and I won't disagree.  I want to look good.  I want to turn my husbands head and have him brag on me...of course last time that happened, I got Billy.  LOL! I have boxes of smaller clothes just waiting patiently for me to be able to wear them.  I would love to get rid of the ones currently hanging in my closet and pull out all those boxes that are stored away. 

Well, that's what's currently on my mind.  Hope you enjoy reading and laughing with me at my silliness.

Have a great Monday.

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