Tuesday, February 1, 2011

February Goals

Since today is February first, it is a good time to post my goals for the month.  I am participating in the 3 in 30 challenge. 

Last month I set so many goals that I lost track of some of them.  So posting the basic 3 I am going to work on this month should help me stay focused.

Goal #1:  Read 2 books for pleasure, beginning to end.  I know it sounds like a little goal but sometimes carving out time to read is really hard.  I am currently in the middle of "Three Cups of Tea" and "Mansfield Park."  I also have 2 other books that I want to read.  I am trying to not start too many books at one time.  I have put Mansfield Park down to finish Three Cups of Tea. 

Goal #2: Remove 4 boxes of stuff from my home.  This could be clothes or books or craft supplies.  This does not include the stacks of magazines that are going into the recycling box.  It also does not include any of the paper stuffs that need to be shredded. 

Goal #3:  Get travel agent training done and promoted.  This will require me sitting down and just committing to doing it daily.  A little bit every day will make a difference. 

In addition to these 3 new goals, I am going to continue on my health quest.  Getting healthy and getting to my goal is a long term goal and 1 month won't make a large difference but day after day and week after week and month after month, I will see a difference and get the results I want. 

I just have to remember to apply the daily principles I wrote about yesterday, having a plan.  I am sticking by my plan.  I am drinking water, I am tracking my eating, I am eagerly looking forward to exercise. 

What are your goals? How are you going to accomplish them?

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