Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Progressing slowly

Today seems like a day that needs some color.  It has been a pretty blah day.  Work has been slow.  I have edited and re-edited my spreadsheets at least a dozen times.  Not changing them because I need to, just because I am bored. 

I think having so much free time I have plenty of time to evaluate my successes and failures.  I am focusing on the goals I have set for this month.

As I mentioned previously, I finished Three Cups of Tea.  Instead of diving back into Mansfield Park, I picked up Divine Appointments and have just about finished that already.  Expect to see my book review blog on it soon.  Since WaterBrook Publishing provides me with great books the least I can do is review them.  I have been downloading a bunch of books to my kindle.  Anything that sounds remotely interesting has been loaded especially if it's free. 

I have been going to the gym almost daily.  I took Sunday off and I felt like such a slouch!  LOL!! Who would have thought that I would be eager to go to the gym.  Today I am seriously contemplating hitting the pool again but then again Saturday's treadmill workout was awesome, even though I sweated tons.  Don't like sweat.  Ick! I wasn't very good about tracking my calories or exercise since Saturday morning.  I use Myfitnesspal on my iPhone.  It is wonderful!  Now if only I could think it and the stuff would appear in there.

The travel agency is moving along.  I have got my user ID's to 3 of our preferred vendors.  I still need to sit down and do 3 more training modules.  I am super eager to get to them but things keep cropping up that are keeping me from doing them.  Maybe I can squeeze in some time tomorrow to do one of them.  Tomorrow night I have nursery duty so my evening is already filled.  (Have I mentioned how much I LOVE being in the nursery?  It's awesome!!! )

Well, that is how this week has been so far.  Nothing glamorous or exciting, just kind of plodding along.  Hope you are having a great week and making wonderful progress toward your goals.

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