Monday, February 28, 2011

February Goals Update and March Goals

Well, as February winds to a close, I have to say, I am slightly disappointed but also optimistic.  Although I didn't hit all my goals, I am thrilled how far I've come.  There were a couple things that I planned to do over the weekend to bust them out but instead, I sat on my couch pretty much all weekend wrapped in a blanket with my Bible.  It was a rough pain management weekend. 

My last post was about my participation in the Bible in 90 days challenge.  I'm most excited to do this.  Yesterday was day 1 so I got up before my family and set out to read before they woke up but lo and behold, work needed to be done so I spent 2.5 hrs working from home.  By the time I was done, my family was all up and wanting my attention.  I did get my reading done throughout the day but it wasn't in the solid block of time I had hoped for.  All's good! 

So for my February goals,  I completed my reading goal.  I still need to get 4 boxes of stuff out of the house.  I have 1 packed and ready to go and I have the boxes for the others but haven't got them packed yet.  I will just add that to my march goals.  And for finishing my travel agency training, I am still working on it but hope to be done this week. 

My March goals are

1) exercise 20 days out of the month for at least 20 minutes each time.  This does not mean that I can work out fewer times for 60 minutes.  I need to be consistent.  If you're reading this and need a work out buddy to help you meet your goals, leave me a comment.  A workout partner would be a great motivator to get working out consistently. 

2) read 3 books.  I am going to finish Mansfield Park and read 2 other books that I haven't confirmed yet.  Once I decide on the books I will let you all know.  I think one of them will be a Robin Jones Gunn book that I am getting from WaterBrook Multnomah. 

3) find a place to sell my jewelry/crafts.  I have to find a way to justify the massive quantities of craft supplies I have and my obsession with buying them, right?  Along the same line, I plan to complete my pay it forward 2011 challenge and get all my wonderful friends their handmade goodies this month. 

What are your goals?  How did you do at hitting your February goals?  Are you encouraged or discouraged by February?  Remember, if you didn't hit your goals, it's okay, just roll them over to this month and quit stressing. 

I will be back soon to focus on my goals and success, keeping you informed on how I'm doing.

Have a great last day of February!

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