Saturday, February 26, 2011

New Inspiration.

Happy Saturday.

I am so excited by what I found on the internet this morning.  So many clever, inspirational things to see and try.

I found a Bible in 90 days challenge.  The church that is doing it is starting tomorrow.  LOVE IT.  I have read the Bible but never all the way thru.  The part that amazes me the most is that it is only 6 pages front and back daily.  I can read 12 pages a day!  That's a breeze.  How bout you?  Do you want to join me?  So that is my new obsession and adventure.  Super excited to get started.

In addition to that I have found an ebook that I want to purchase to help me in getting started with selling my crafts on line.  I am still debating about that.  If I decide to get it and find it's good, you'll see a link on my blog that you can click and get it too.  I don't want to refer you until I see it's worth it.

Well, now that I have seen many wonderful crafting ideas, I can't wait to get started this morning on my own thing.  I hope my pix come in today so I can do a bit of scrap booking while the inspiration is with me.  Here's hoping!

Well, if  I am going to get anything done today, I better get off of here and get working.  Depending on my progress, I will try to post some pix later today!

Have a wonderfully fun and creative Saturday.

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