Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Daddy's girl

I am such a sap.  I cry very easily, both when I'm happy and sad. 

Saturday night, Billy and I were driving home from church and Steven Curtis Chapman's song Cinderella came on the radio.  Memories that I hadn't visited for decades came flooding in.  My Daddy was a very busy guy.  His sacrifice of working as much as he did made it where mom could stay home with us kids. 

Daddy taught me to dance.  Memories of standing on his feet as he took the steps came to mind.  How he would teach me to follow along as he led played in my mind.  I remember mom sitting on the couch watching Daddy-daughter twirl around the living room. 

I think my dad enjoyed those times too.  He set up father daughter dinner dances at the lodge he belonged to.  It was very special to plan for those time.  I looked forward to it long in advance of it happening. 

My daddy always called me his princess.  Those times when we danced, made me feel like his precious princess.  Is it any wonder I am my daddy's girl?  He recognized how fast that time would go by and how quickly life would get busy and I would have my own family.

Even after all these years when the world feels like it's closing in, the first person I want to call is my daddy to hear that it will all be alright.  It may not be easy but it will be alright.

I told you I'm a sap! 

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