Sunday, March 6, 2011


So much going on in my mind and in my life.  This week has definitely had it's challenges.  It started by finding out a dear friend from high school that I hadn't seen in 5 year and hadn't talked to in 2 or 3 years passed away over the weekend.
Follow that by my husband going in for his 2nd knee surgery.  Hopefully he will be back to normal soon and he can be pain free once again.
In addition to that, I have had a bad pain management week.  That always intensifies any stressors in my life.  I get more emotional.  It is harder to get things done.
As if all of that weren't enough, this morning I broke my kindle and burnt my hand.
I am so glad this week is over and tomorrow is a fresh day.
Hope you're having a much better week.

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