Friday, January 7, 2011


As this year gets moving I am so excited about the possibilities that are out there, just beyond where I am.  I am looking forward to getting to "that" place and tackling obstacles along the way. 

One of my darling friends has asked me to participate in a half marathon with her later this year.  Then another friend has invited me to join her group for an extreme 5k.  Check it out here....

I am super excited.  What fun challenges.  What great motivation to get my tail in the gym.  Well that and the idea of me in a swim suit in May.  That is a huge motivator in itself but sometimes I tend to lose sight of why I started doing something because it is so far away. 

So in addition to a half marathon and the Warrior Dash I will be participating in 5 and 10k's along the way to keep motivated and keep working to get better. 

What are you doing to stay motivated toward your goals?  Do you like to challenge yourself on the way to your bigger goals or just keep plodding along knowing the path you're taking will get you to your long term goals?
Have an amazing day.
Stay focused, be nice to yourself and you can do anything!

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