Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Change to routine

I have been thinking a lot recently about what I want from my life and what I want my life to look like.  I think it is good to reflect and make sure the actions taken are going to get you where you truly want to go.

Tonight will be night 2 back at the gym.  Last night we played racquetball for 30 minutes and got a good full body workout in.  Tonight I will be on the treadmill and working with free weights.  I need to drink a lot more water today still. 

I have read the Bible today.  That should be 2nd nature and the first thing I do when my eyes pop open in the morning but I'm a work in process.  Sometimes the so and so begat so and so can be a real turn off and when you're going thru a structured reading plan, you have to go thru it. 

I am contemplating rejoining BSF.  It was a lot of work but I learned a lot from it. 

I got my daily binder put together to help with my organization.  There is always so much more to do than I seem to have time for.  How in the world does that happen?  And here I am thinking of taking on another challenge/time commitment.  What am I thinking?  LOL!!  It is not by my power or my might but by the grace of God.  What an incredibly gracious, loving God I have the opportunity to serve.  He provides me with the energy and strength needed to get thru all the tasks ahead. 

Since I serve the God of relationships, I am focusing my attention on deepening relationships. First, I must focus on the relationships at home, with my husband and children.  So often it is so easy to neglect those relationships in the hustle and bustle of everyday life and before you know it your kids are grown and your spouse is either moved on or dead.  Don't put off the most vital relationships. 

With that in mind, my goal is to practice flirting with my husband and on building him up with compliments, so he knows I appreciate him.  I am also going to be more intentional with letting my kids hear me brag them up to other adults.  Billy is a fun little bundle of energy and rather than me bemoaning his abundant energy, I can talk about his incredible imagination and how much he helps keep me young and active.  He is a great cheerleader.  I also need to make a point to spend time with each of my guys one on one doing something they enjoy doing.  If that means playing legos on the floor or going bowling or going to the movies, I need to be willing and not cop out that I'm too tired or I don't want to. 

That's the challenge of the week. Wish me luck!

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