Friday, January 6, 2012

Week 1 check in


I thought with the wrap up of the first week of the month I would share how I'm doing on my goals for the month.

1)  Stop drinking soda and drink 4-25oz bottles of water.
           On this one, I have mixed success/failure.  I haven't had any soda since last Friday.  None.  Not a drop.  Yay me!!!  I have not increased my water intake as much as I would like.  I am working on it though.  I'm not losing sight of how much my body needs water.

2)  Go to the gym 15 times and start interval running.
           I went to the gym Wednesday and Thursday.  I love the elliptical so I got on it first thing and to my dismay I could only do 7 minutes on it.  When I stopped I almost passed out.  Very scary.  Last time I went to the gym I did 20 minutes and 1.75 miles.  I was there at the beginning of Dec. but had to take a break due to injuries.  I didn't gain weight over the holidays but my injuries sidelined me from most any activity.  After the elliptical on Wednesday I did 2 miles on the treadmill and then called it a day.  Thursday was much better.  I was able to go 30 minutes on the elliptical.  My heart rate is far too high though.  :0(  I'll keep working and it will get easier and I will go farther easier.

3)  Save $100 from each paycheck.
            Well this one is slightly modified.  My husband and I sat down and did a budget and his goals and mine had us going in different directions.  We were thinking the same thing but doing different things to get there.  In December the 1 and only credit card was used.  GRRRR.  We are going to pay it off over this month and next month but still put money into savings, just not as much as I was hoping. Drats.

The sugar free challenge has had its ups and downs.  I slipped up a couple times this week but over all I have done pretty stinkin good.  Any ideas how hard it is to cut sugar cold turkey?  I haven't had any since Wednesday night when I finished off the peppermint ice cream that was in the freezer.  I'm the only one that will eat peppermint ice cream and it was taking up space in the freezer.  LOL!! Seriously though it only had about 3 bites worth of ice cream in it.  And we really did need the freezer space for the frozen fruit for my green smoothies.

The praying for my love challenge is going well. I am really enjoying the focused prayer time.  Each day we focus on a specific attribute such as integrity, relationships, salvation (etc).  It's nice to be specific and not just arrow prayers and "bless him" prayers, although there is nothing wrong with either.

I'd love to hear how you're doing.  I'm rooting for you!  Know that even if it feels like you're all alone in your endeavors, I am cheering you on.

Have an amazingly blessed day.


  1. I haven't gotten my post published yet as I am still working on it, but I wanted to stop by and encourage you in your goals. It is VERY difficult to cut sugar cold turkey! I have to admit that when my family cut out sugar I made an exception for ice cream. That is one treat I just won't give up! Best wishes for all your goals this month.

  2. I want to get rid of the sugar out of my diet also!!! It is a tough one, hang in there, you can do it. loved visiting your blog :-)

  3. High five on quitting the pop! I need to do it!