Monday, January 9, 2012


Several years ago I kept a "blessings book".  Doing so kept me focused on the many special things God has for me each day.  There were so many blessings that I was frequently overwhelmed and humbled by them.  Nothing to keep a person humbled than watching the God of the universe take the time to reach into your world and do something special.

This year I am reinstating my blessings book.  I am going to keep a record of all the amazing things God does each day.  Not because I am egotistical, but because I want to be thankful for God's presence in my life.  I want to acknowledge what He's doing in and around me.

My prayer is, "show me your hand in and let me say thank you"  I want to see where He is and join Him in that place.  I want to hear Him more.  I think to hear him more I need to say thank you more.

All that being said, some of my blessings today are:
A beautiful sunrise to start my day with, getting to see a dear friend at the gym, being able to workout, having a husband that is a great cook, setting plans with a friend for tomorrow evening, having clean water to drink any time I want it, and being able to pray with my little boy before he goes to sleep.

My prayer for you is that God shows you His presence and attention and that you take the time to recognize and thank Him for them.

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