Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Enthusiasm and perkiness are two traits I have frequently been told I have in abundance. Many people say it like it's a bad thing. I know that I can be over the top exuberant at times. It helps in situations where you need something you don't have. I have found that when I don't feel up to a challenge I can express enthusiasm towards it and suddenly I don't feel as intimidated or small.
I am the eternal cheerleader. Some people avoid me because of this. Granted I can even annoy myself with an overoptimistic outlook but I think it is so much better than being mopey and feeling helpless and powerless to change circumstances. Sometimes people just need to know that someone else believes in them and knows they can accomplish what they set out to do, even when it is super hard.
I need to do that for myself this week so if you see me being more enthusiastic and cheerful than normal, know that I pushing myself to do more than think I can and am psyching myself up to accomplish goals and dreams or tackle overdue projects. If you could do me a favor and remind me that I CAN accomplish "it", I would greatly appreciate it.
Hope you have a great day. Know I'm cheering for you!

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