Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Excitement abounds!

I'm so excited.  For years and years I have dreamed of writing a book.  It seems like it's been a lifetime in the making.  

Today I took the first steps in making this dream a reality.  I am writing a children's book.  I am in the process of drafting the story then have to find an illustrator to make it come to life to help.  Right now I have 3 themes in mind and I am sure there are many more stories that can come from it.  I love the characters and the lessons that are coming out.  

This doesn't exactly match my dream of writing the great American novel but it's what God has laid on my heart to do so I will be faithful to put to paper what he gives me.

I was so excited that I couldn't wait to share the direction God has pointed me to.  I am bouncing off the walls with joy.  Being right where I know God wants me to be doing what He wants me to do gives such a peace and contentment and joy.  

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