Thursday, February 9, 2012

Finding Joy in the trials

The past few days I haven't been feeling well in the afternoons so I have skipped my workouts and just gone home to lounge on the couch in pain.  This is much to Thing 2's dismay.  He loves gym time.  He gets to play with other kids, new kids.  He works on his social skills and is very happy there.  I love taking him and giving him that time while I work out my issues on the eliptical and treadmill. 

Yesterday, we went home and worked on his reading.  I pulled books from the secret stash and gave him two to read to me.  We cuddled up on the couch and he read.  One of the books he was having a hard time getting into.  It's no fun reading a book you're not into so I found ways to get him excited about it.  There were different animals doing different behaviors so he got to get up and model the different behaviors for me.  We had such a giggle-fest as he waddled and hopped and oinked around the living room. 

So while I didn't feel good and just wanted to lay around, I am so glad I spent the time working with my littlest love.  We both got good out of it.  Seeing him enjoy reading and using inflection and reading bigger words than he has been used to reading was an answer to this mama's prayers.  I love seeing God's answer to prayer.  God is so good at providing material to fill my "blessings book". 

My heart is overflowing with happiness for my eyes being opened to the opportunities God provides for relationship and fun and joy, even if it messes with my plans and schedule. 

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  1. Sounds like it went great! I love hearing about how you thought outside the box and how it payed off! Go Billy!