Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas to one and all.

As I sit here at 2:30 in the afternoon still in my pj's, I reflect on what Christmas really means to me.

Christmas is...the reason for my hope and joy.  It astounds me that Jesus stepped out of Heaven to come to this world to endure all He did for me and all of humanity.

My life doesn't look like I want it to but I have a peace that God will bring me to the place HE wants me to be and that gives me a great joy.  I know as long as I stay focused on Jesus and not get distracted by all the stuff that comes at me, I will be okay in the end.  There's been a lot to get me discouraged and knock me off course but being anchored in Jesus, the perfecter of my faith, I am able to stay the course and keep smiling when circumstantially I should be crying.

Thank you God for sending Jesus to be my salvation and my director.  Help me to remember to come to you when life gets complicated and I start to panic because my problems seem larger than my hope.  You are bigger than anything I can come up against.

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