Sunday, March 11, 2012


God has given me some pretty crazy ideas lately.  Stretching me WAY outside my comfort zone.  If you know me you would not typically categorize me as extremely outgoing or as a public speaker.  I am kind of an observer rather than an instigator.  I stay in the background rather than jump into the forefront.  When I volunteer, I do things like holding babies and playing with toddlers.

I'm an idea person but don't go out and try to draw people into doing things I'd like to see done.

One thing God has spoken to me about is mentoring, both being mentored and being a mentor.  My excuse is the standard excuse I use for just about everything...I don't have time.  I have time to sit and watch tv for an hour a night.  I have time to play on FB or pinterest.  Why do I make time for those but not for growing in relationships and growing my walk with Christ by learning from others?  Hmmm...

Another things God has spoken to me about is prayer and worship.  In my former church I was blessed to be part of women ministries and to plan events.  The event I was most passionate about was our evenings of prayer and worship.  We would have a nice soup dinner and then have corporate prayer and individual or small group prayer.  It was always well attended and we saw many answers to prayer come out of those times.  Now that we are at a large church I don't even know where to get hooked in, which is really strange since my husband is on staff at the church.

So much be praying about. God's going to have to help me to rearrange my time to better manage what I need to do.  I feel like I am balancing so many things right now and they all seem so very important.  How do I take time from one to do another?

Please be praying with/for me.  I have the storybooks I am writing that are a gift from God.  I am tutoring my son in reading, trying to get him up to his grade level.  We are stuck at the moment but God is giving me glimpses of hope when I feel most hopeless, such as my son just randomly reading something.  Tonight he was reading the things that popped up on the TV or signs in the store.  It was nice because it wasn't forced, it just happened which tells me what we're working on is sinking in.  THANKS GOD, I needed that!

I am still trying to get an outlet to sell my earrings and necklaces.  I have a couple ideas and would love to get out there and try.  The problem is overcoming shyness and walking into a spirit of boldness.  God gave me this enjoyment for a reason. I can't believe He would do it just so I could have 100's of earrings or my friends and family have a ton of earrings too.  I'm sure they would probably like me to give them something other than homemade jewelry once in a while.

And of course I am a wife and mom and employee and daughter and granddaughter and auntie and great auntie and friend.  All of these relationships take time and energy and are important.  I want everyone in my life to feel important and loved.  If you are a part of my life, I do truly value you.

I would covet your prayers as I walk out the life God has shown me he wants for me.

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