Monday, December 26, 2011

Day after Christmas

Christmas was great.  Nephew and niece came over and hung out with us.  I sure do love those kids!  Niece brought her baby boy Kyler and the baby daddy.  It was good to see that even though they aren't together they still get along and are both such great parents.

Billy has done a great job putting together his lego kits.  He's learning some valuable lessons.  When he hits a point where  he gets frustrated, he expresses his frustration with words then steps away until the frustration ebbs then goes back to it.  He's learning to stick with what he starts and the satisfaction that comes from finishing what you start.  I am very proud of him.

Chris got into his Christmas present and is figuring it out and starting the first project.

And here I am back to blogging.  Hopefully I will be keeping up to date now that I have a new laptop that won't lock up whenever I try to do anything.

I just realized that Billy still has a whole week left on Christmas break.  What fun stuff are we going to find to do after I get off work?  Hmmm...

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