Thursday, December 8, 2011

Attitude Adjustment

Yesterday I was terribly annoyed and disgruntled.  It came out everywhere I was.  Not pretty. 

Today I am still in the ugly boot and my foot still hurts but my attitude has improved.  I credit the darling little people I got to spend last evening with.  How can anyone stay in a bad mood when you have the privilege of playing with a roomful of zero-two year olds?

One little munchkin sticks out more than others.  I had to pry her out of her grandmothers arms to bring her into the classroom.  When we got in the room she started hitting me in my chest and face.  Not a great start to our time together.  Luckily for us both, she is a very reasonable girl.  I looked at her and told her I have 2 rules, 1 is no hitting (she immediately stopped) and 2 is if she wants to be held she will not yell in my ears (she quit).  Things are getting better. :-)  She still had a sour face but she wasn't throwing a fit.  Progress.  I started making funny faces at her and she tried SOOOO hard to not crack a smile.  She couldn't not smile so she kept covering her face, determined to have a bad time.  (How very much like I had been earlier in the day, hmmmmm.)   After a while I set her down, little ones (no matter how slight) all wear on the arms after a while.  She went off to play but any time anyone looked at her, her expression would change from happiness to a deep scowl.  As the evening progressed she would come running to me and laugh and play with me.

How often am I like that sweet stubborn little girl?  I don't want to leave what is familiar and comfortable to go into the unknown.  I end up in the new environment but not going graciously but kicking and screaming.  God sometimes has to lay down the rules for me.  As I start warming up to the new place I've been put, I don't want anyone to see my attitude is changing.  After I have adapted I have no problem showing enthusiasm and interacting, even being bubbly and enthusiastic.  Then in the end I have to go to a new place again and the whole cycle starts again as I don't want to leave where I have grown comfortable.

It's it great when God takes a little thing like a child not wanting to go to nursery and turns it into a sermon direct from his heart to yours?  It is one of the best attitude adjusters I can think of.  My heavenly Papa is so kind and gentle to me, whispering to my heart when my attitude stinks and then providing an outside look at how I'm behaving.  Firmly but kindly telling me what I'm doing isn't okay and needs to change.  I love that.  I wish I would pay more attention.

Hope you have blessed day!

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